English: Arms of the Lords of Albret since XIV...

English: Arms of the Lords of Albret since XIV th century Français : Armes des sires d’Albret a partir du XIVe siècle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lordship in the sandy plain of the Landes in southwestern France, originally centred on Labrit (a variant spelling of Albret), north of Mont-de-Marsan.   It extended in the early 14th century to include the Vicomté of Tartas to the southwest and the district around Nerac west of Agen.  The lordship then reached from a narrow foothold on the Atlantic shore across the Landes towards the River Garonne.

The lordship belonged to the English King’s Duchy of Gascony, but in the 1360s the Lord of Albret quarrelled with the Black Prince and transferred to the French camp.   One of the Lords, then Constable of France, was killed at Agincourt, but in the end the English lost Gascony.   Alain d’Albret, who died very old in 1522, acquired the territories of Périgord and Limoges, and saw his son, John, become King of Navarre by marriage.  Spanish Navarre was however seized by Ferdinand of Aragon in 1512.

In 1520 King Henry II, John’s son, was created a Peer of France and Duke of Albret in his grandfather’s lifetime.  Henry’s grandson became King of France in 1589, and Albret a land of the French Crown.

The title of Duc d’Albret was given to the Duke of Bouillon in 1651, after surrendering the sovereign principality of Sedan to the French King.

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