Roman region and province in north central Italy.   It took its name from the Via Aemilia which ran from Ariminum (Rimini) on the Adriatic to Placentia (Piacenza) on the River Po (the Via Aemilia was itself named from Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, the consul responsible for its construction in 187 B.C.).   Aemilia was very similar to the old Gallia Cispadana (Gaul this side of the Po).

In the later Roman Empire the united province of Aemilia et Liguria was formed in 332.   The Aemilia lands within the province no longer included the coastal region, which belonged to Flavinia et Picenum, but the province extended across the Po to take in what is now western Lombardy and northern Piedmont.   Its capital was Mediolanum (Milan).   Aemilia et Liguria united the former Gallia Transpadana and Cispadana, but without their eastern districts.

Aemilia’s name survives in that of the region of Emilia Romagna in present-day Italy

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